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Meet Cheryl Angela

Since early childhood Cheryl has had a deep appreciation of all of the arts and of the beauty that pervades our world as well as a deep interest in spirituality and an awareness of the Divine nature inherent in all beings. Cheryl was born to Irish parents and grew up and was educated in Nottingham, England. In addition to her musical and artistic talents, Cheryl was a highly intuitive child with a natural gift of healing and she uses these unique spiritual gifts in all aspects of her service today.

Cheryl always had a love of Celtic music and the traditional music of Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales that played in her home as well as the grandeur of classical music. As a child, she learned to play the guitar and loved to sing. She was involved in the dramatic arts and theater productions including musical theater and opera.

My absolute love, however, was always the harp and I longed to learn to play the harp since as early as I can remember. The beauty, tranquility and purity of its sound always called to me. As soon as I began my amazing journey with the harp, it was clear I had come home to my instrument.

Cheryl is a highly passionate yet sensitive musician, healer and coach. Her music has been described as “breathtakingly beautiful”, “thoroughly captivating and transporting”, “angelic and heavenly”, “mesmerizing and magical beyond words”, and “deeply touching the most profound center of the heart and soul”. It is that ability to reach right into the heart and soul of her listeners whether in concert or in private healing sessions that make Cheryl’s music so transcendent and transforming.

Cheryl combines her musical talents and training in therapeutic music with her training in energy healing and life coaching to facilitate and activate clients to heal, breakthrough and transform all areas of their life and well-being through her unique coaching and healing program Transform Your Frequency, Transform Your Life” TM. Her clients remark on her tremendous insight and ability to get right to the core of an issue and her loving, compassionate presence as she holds space for them and guides them through this process. Cheryl’s coaching clients find her engaging energy of joy and enthusiasm highly motivating and inspiring.

Cheryl believes that every person has their own “Song”
that they are here to bring to the world.

Just as everyone has their own unique resonance and vibration, each person’s “Song” is the message, the gift, the energy that they are meant to bring to the world. This is the “Song” that is all of the essence of YOU and all that you represent in your authentic being, that only you can sound—the life purpose that only you can live. Setting your heart and soul free to BE your song and let your gift sound through you, is my purpose and passion.

Cheryl’s Training

Cheryl is trained in harp therapy through the International Harp Therapy Program and interned in harp therapy at the San Diego Hospice. Learn more about harp therapy

Cheryl considers herself fortunate to have had many wonderful teachers and mentors along the way, including world-class harpist William Jackson and her teacher in Harp Therapy, Christina Tourin.

Cheryl is also trained as a spiritual life coach. She has been very blessed to both work with and be mentored by Breakthrough Specialist, Lisa Nichols.

Cheryl is trained in a wide range of energy healing and is certified in Reiki and DNA Theta healing. Additionally, she is a certified Classical Feng Shui practitioner and a certified Montessori Teacher.

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