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Therapeutic harp and post traumatic stress

September 5th, 2010 by Cheryl Angela

One of my greatest passions in life is to use music as a mode of healing and transformation and this is why I embarked on the journey of therapeutic harp.

Therapeutic harp has so many applications to so many different conditions and circumstances. Within the last couple of months, I have been addressing a number of varied post traumatic stress conditions. Trauma can become locked into the body and nervous system so that even long after the initial stressor is over whether it was caused by an accident, an act of violence, a severe illness or loss or even the devastation of war, the body is still reacting and is often caught in the “fight or flight” mode causing physical weakness, loss of sleep, anxiety and great disturbance to the individual.

I have used harp therapy with people of all ages with post-traumatic stress from young children to the elderly. These individuals have reported great benefit from the harp therapy–a great release of stress and deep emotional healing, increased peace, increased energy, and the ability to get a deeper and more refreshing sleep. Music is a language of the heart and the soul that can transcend all other languages.

These therapeutic harp sessions last approximately one hour. I first determine the individual’s resonance and play music very specific for that individual and their own unique condition. I record the music and then burn them a CD or mp3 of the music for them to use again and again. It may take a series of sessions to get to the deep roots of the condition but even one session has given dramatic and transformative shifts for many people. Sessions can be given in person or even long distance with powerful benefits.

Awesome and transformative class at Scupltfusion Yoga

September 1st, 2010 by Cheryl Angela

harp photo from InfinityAwesome and transformative harp and yoga class at Sculptfusion yoga Saturday night.

Here are some reviews from the participants:

“It was amazing how the music helped me to really release and go deeper into my practice.”

“The most incredible yoga class I have ever attended!”

“The music was so beautiful.  I was transported into such a deep peace and connection with my life’s purpose.”

“As soon as the music started playing, I started to cry.  It was so moving.  I immediately began to release.”

“It was so amazing how the music was always so appropriate to the moment that we were in.  Everything was so in tune and flowed so easily.”

“The music was so a part of the yoga practice.  It was like riding on a wave of support through every movement.”

“It was so healing.  I felt bathed in healing vibrations of love from the harp music throughout the whole class.”

“I felt so present the whole time.”

“Cheryl is one of the most intuitive beings I have ever met.  She feels the energy of the people and completely tunes in.  She brings the music that completely supports what is present and appropriate to the focus of the class.”

and there are more…….

Thank you everyone for your great energy and your positive feedback!  It is always an honor to be of service!

Yoga and Live Harp

April 16th, 2010 by Cheryl Angela

What a wonderful, magical evening for all of us on Monday!! Thank you all so much for coming out and initiating a wonderful cycle of celebrating the full moon through yoga and sound.

The weather was perfect. The moon was fabulous as it rose above the buildings and shone down on the water of the bay like a resplendent goddess. All the elements were present. We had the mother, the earth, the whispering of the wind which even made music with the harp during many moments, the beautiful stillness of the shimmering water and the radiant energy of the fire and the warmth of all of your heart’s combined helped produce a very special energy which I sought to capture in the music and harmonies on my harp. The fireworks from Seaworld exploding over the bay at the very conclusion of our class was a magnificent ending to a perfect night!

It was such a joy to be present under the full moon on the bay with all of you and to draw forth the music of your hearts and the elements combined. It was sheer bliss!

I hope you will all join us for our next sacred full moon yoga with harp on Tuesday, April 27. Each one is sure to be a beautiful and unique experience, as we make magic together!