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Transform Your Frequency, Transform Your LifeTM
Coaching & Healing Program

More About this Breakthrough Program with Cheryl Angela
Transformation Your Frequency, Transform Your Life is a series of personalized and customized sessions that combine coaching, healing and sound healing wherein I work with you individually one on one for either 3, 6 or 12 months in weekly 90 minute sessions. I conduct these sessions with clients anywhere in the world via Skype, phone or in person here in San Diego.

In these sessions, you will:

  • Receive personalized sound healing sessions using your own unique resonant tone and modes of music specific to you and the areas you are addressing to help you shift frequency and vibration and find healing
  • Receive deep energetic healing at all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically
  • Receive personalized chakra healing, balancing and clearing sessions
  • Receive personalized meditations customized to you
  • Receive customized laser life coaching sessions wherein I work with you one on one at a deep intuitive level to guide you and support you in all areas of life including business and teach you the tools for success
  • Learn how to work with your own Spiritual guidance and partner with Spirit and your own “Inner Coach”
  • Gain tools and practice in managing, shifting and mastering your own energy and emotions to create happiness and health in all areas of your life including health, relationships, career, finances and more
  • Learn how to align your energy with your purpose, focus energetically and leverage the Law of attraction to work powerfully to create the life you desire
  • Learn how to and gain practice in shifting limiting beliefs and vibrational patterns that are limiting you and are not aligned with your highest good into vibrational patterns that are aligned with your highest good and purpose
  • Learn and work with techniques that build your sense of self worth and confidence and your ability to manifest
  • Move your frequency up the vibrational scale and create new neural pathways and create changes at the cellular level and learn how to continue to move up the vibrational scale
  • Learn and work with fabulous breakthrough techniques that will help you overcome blockers in your energy, resolve old past wounds, experience liberating forgiveness and freedom
  • Learn how to work with principles of Feng Shui to create and manifest your highest vision in all areas of your life
  • Learn techniques to increase your prosperity and abundance and success in your career or vocation
  • Bring healing to all of your relationships and be able to magnetize the love you desire

In addition to this, you will also receive:

  • Email coaching support between sessions with me
  • I will review your agreed upon “play” work and provide feedback and insights
  • Mp3 recordings of all sessions
  • I work with each person very individually and intuitively, using my intuitive gifts to guide and support your process as is best for you as each person is unique
  • I will daily vision and hold energy for your goals and actions
  • I will weekly magnetize for your success
  • I will help you shorten your learning curve so you can attract more of what you want and live the life of your dreams

Cheryl would love to hear from you and how she can best support you.
Reach out to Cheryl today to schedule
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Cheryl Angela

Beautify, heal, empower & transform
all aspects of your life and business with the transcendent music, healing & coaching
of Cheryl Angela

Initial Coaching & Sound Session
You can begin your journey in transformation with an initial 90-minute consultation coaching session and sound session wherein Cheryl will determine your resonant tone and core frequency and bring you into harmony with your true vibrational blueprint and life theme – your “Song”


Please specify in your order optimal dates and times for your session.

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Whenever it is not possible to have in-person sessions, private sessions via Skype have proven to be equally effective. Please contact Cheryl to arrange for an in-person or Skype session.



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