Coming Home to Love Full Album

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I wrote this music as a journey through love, each track taking the listener into a deeper experience in the energy of love. In communion with the Divine and with the angels, I poured my whole heart and soul into this music and into every note that flowed through my fingers. We recorded this music in the musical resonance and key of love and in the frequency of love which is 528 Hertz. This frequency is also called the miracle frequency and can repair and heal the DNA…[read more]

High quality digital download of all 7 tracks on the “Coming Home to Love” album.

Track 1: Magic Unfolding
Track 2: Love's Ecstasy
Track 3: Song of the Heart
Track 4: Yearning to Return
Track 5: Tranquility
Track 6: Coming Home to Love
Track 7: Love's Ascension

Total Runtime: 60 minutes