Coming Home to Love (At Peace in the City)

$ 2.25

We took the music from the title track Coming Home to Love and placed them within the ambient city sounds of New York City and Los Angeles and merged them together. There are city birds, park sounds, people sounds, traffic sounds, a distant ambulance and airplanes taking off. The whole track has the fundamental frequency of New York City playing underneath the two as a foundation and itfades in and out throughout. The harp is dominant and in the forefront of this city background.

This piece was purposely created to bring about a harmonization of the listener with the environment of the city and oneness and peace with life everywhere. If we are truly at peace, we can find peace in any condition and any environment, even in the hustle and bustle of the city. Although, I am a lover of a very natural environment, I will often take myself right into the heart of the city and just love upon everything and everyone I see and merge with that buzz of life. In love there is no judgment and all is accepted. The energy in this piece will help bring about a greater harmonization not only with city environments but with all of life’s conditions and turbulence including all internal dis-harmony bringing all into peace.

Listen to excerpt below: