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New! Harp Music CD
A Sacred Journey – a musical meditation on the seven chakras

These original compositions of Cheryl Angela take you on a journey through the seven sacred energy centers or chakras of being into a peace and stillness of your true essence. Healing harp music for each chakras in the key and modality that helps you to tune, balance and strengthen each of you sacred energy centers and raise your energies into higher consciousness. The CD also includes a bonus track of Cheryl’s composition Moon Shining on the Water.

Cheryl Angela music CD front cover Cheryl Angela music CD back cover

“It is my sincere desire that this music
bring peace and healing to everyone who hears it.”

Contents of A Sacred Journey CD
Track 1 Root Chakra: 6:02   RootExcerptListen to excerpt
Track 2 Sacral Chakra: 7:46
Track 3 Solar Plexus Chakra: 10:48
Track 4 Heart Chakra: 10:28   HeartExcerptListen to excerpt
Track 5 Throat Chakra: 8:28
Track 6 Third Eye Chakra: 8:18
Track 7 Crown Chakra: 10:00   CrownExcerptListen to excerpt
Bonus Track: Moon Shining on the Water: 3:49
Total Running Time: 64:19 minutes

video with music from Moon Shining on the Water
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A Sacred Journey CD
A Musical Meditation on the Seven Chakras
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Cheryl donates her time and CDs to
the military and Wounded Warriors.

If you would like to make a donation to help provide CDs to more servicemen and women to aid in their recovery, please click here:

Coming Home to Love

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