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New Album, Coming Home to Love, released on digital now!!!

March 12th, 2014 by Cheryl Angela

I am so thrilled to announce the release of my new album, Coming Home to Love!!! Coming Home to Love is 70 minutes of transcendent music all recorded in the resonance of the heart and the frequency of love of 528 Hz all designed to bring the listener into harmony with the love that they already are and to fully coming home to the love within.

We can spend our lives looking for love outside of ourselves, for approval, for acceptance and love from others but we will never be completely filled or fulfilled with that until we come into harmony with ourselves, come into our own self acceptance and come home to the love that we really are in truth ~ our true essence. This album is designed to take the listener on a journey into this love and self acceptance and then from there, all the magic of love in our lives can happen!

This music will help heal a broken heart, move old patterns and frequencies that are blocking you from receiving the love that you are and the love that you deserve, bring you into peace and harmony and enhance any relationship in your life by most importantly enhancing your relationship with yourself. It is also great music for any romantic occasion!!

All of the music on this album are from my own original compositions and were placed within ambient nature environments such as ocean, whales, birds, crickets, rolling thunder, a home fire and more to enhance the experience for the listener. This is music for a happy heart and for deep soul connection to the greatest love there is.

The full album is currently available on digital for immediate download and will soon be available on CD. You can go to my website and go to store page to listen to one minute samples of the music and downloads will be emailed after purchase.

I am so excited to share this music and fill our planet with the beautiful vibrations of love!!!

With all the love from my heart to yours,

Cheryl Angela

An Incredible Year of Sharing Music!

December 20th, 2010 by Cheryl Angela

As 2010 draws to a close, I reflect back with gratitude for so many incredible opportunities this year has given to me to share and create music.  The last three months have been especially rich in many varied experiences.  Some highlights include:  playing for a very special wedding at the Presidio Park; playing at the Museum of Contemporary Arts in     La Jolla; playing harp at the “No Matter What” workshop of the amazing Lisa Nichols at the beautiful Bahia Resort–playing during Lisa’s closing ceremony was a very great honor; two incredible and breathtakingly beautiful full moon yoga with harp classes, one by Mission Bay in October and the Coronado Bay in November — the clarity of the night and the moon shining on the water on both occasions could not have been more perfect; teaching the adorable children at The Children’s School in La Jolla, playing for the Jenna Druck Foundation and bringing peace to those suffering from grief and loss and honoring those they have lost; using harp therapy in so many different applications and creating personalized CDs of healing music for really wonderful clients and being blessed to work with many cases of deep post-traumatic stress  and so much more!!

It is with deepest gratitude and joy, that I am now releasing my debut CD, A Sacred Journey a journey through the seven sacred energy centers or chakras of our being into the peace and stillness of our true essence.  It is a 64 minute CD of healing harp music with tracks for each of the seven chakras in the key and modality that helps us to tune, balance and strengthen each chakra and raise our energies into higher consciousness.  The CD includes a bonus track of my composition Moon Shining on the Water.  It is my sincere desire that this music bring peace and healing to everyone who hears it.

Therapeutic harp and post traumatic stress

September 5th, 2010 by Cheryl Angela

One of my greatest passions in life is to use music as a mode of healing and transformation and this is why I embarked on the journey of therapeutic harp.

Therapeutic harp has so many applications to so many different conditions and circumstances. Within the last couple of months, I have been addressing a number of varied post traumatic stress conditions. Trauma can become locked into the body and nervous system so that even long after the initial stressor is over whether it was caused by an accident, an act of violence, a severe illness or loss or even the devastation of war, the body is still reacting and is often caught in the “fight or flight” mode causing physical weakness, loss of sleep, anxiety and great disturbance to the individual.

I have used harp therapy with people of all ages with post-traumatic stress from young children to the elderly. These individuals have reported great benefit from the harp therapy–a great release of stress and deep emotional healing, increased peace, increased energy, and the ability to get a deeper and more refreshing sleep. Music is a language of the heart and the soul that can transcend all other languages.

These therapeutic harp sessions last approximately one hour. I first determine the individual’s resonance and play music very specific for that individual and their own unique condition. I record the music and then burn them a CD or mp3 of the music for them to use again and again. It may take a series of sessions to get to the deep roots of the condition but even one session has given dramatic and transformative shifts for many people. Sessions can be given in person or even long distance with powerful benefits.