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The power of therapeutic and healing music for the developmentally disabled

I love sharing the power of healing music with all people! Recently I was very blessed to spend the day with the residents of a wonderful facility here in San Diego called TERI. Located in Oceanside, it is a very beautiful place for students who have developmental disabilities. I performed two healing harp concerts there for different groups of students in their auditorium. Music reaches beyond the outer mind and intelligence and into the inner being of a person, into the heart and into the soul. It is a universal language that transcends all barriers and limitations. It was a profound and moving experience for me to connect with the heart and soul of this sweet community of students who have special needs and developmental challenges and yet their souls are so deep and vast, so loving. I thought that you would enjoy this short video that was made about my time there. Just click on this link below:

Cheryl Angela plays music for the students of TERI

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