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Transform Your Frequency, Transform Your LifeTM
Coaching & Healing Program

A Breakthrough Way to Transform Yourself with Cheryl Angela
In my life-long journey and pursuit of the spiritual and desire to know and live my true authentic nature as well as the need to overcome obstacles and challenges, I have come to clearly recognize and accept that it is our inner world of thoughts, feelings and beliefs that creates our outer world of manifestation. By fully accepting this responsibility for my own creation and then implementing the energy management tools, healing energies and frequencies I use in this program to raise my vibratory energy, I have been able to powerfully transform my own life. Helping others to experience this breakthrough and transformation is my love and passion!

To truly create transformation and gain mastery over one’s own energy, requires a process. Just as a caterpillar must spin its cocoon and go through a process of metamorphosis, so it is with the process of transformation within the human psyche, consciousness and soul. It is a process which is so much better achieved with a personal guide, a coach, a healer who can hold your hand, give you the tools, help you make the shifts and enfold you with wings and supportive energy and vision as you go through that transformation.

Frequency & Vibration

Everything is made up of energy and has a frequency. We are all vibrating, energetic beings with our own unique frequency. Feelings, thoughts and beliefs have a frequency too. Feelings such as love, joy, peace, gratitude vibrate at a higher frequency whereas anger, fear and shame vibrate at a lower frequency. Our thoughts, feelings and beliefs determine our rate of vibration and frequency. Our rate of vibration or frequency determines what we attract and manifest in our lives. Health vibrates at a higher frequency than illness and health is produced when we stay at a high frequency of energy that comes from being in the vibrations of love, joy and peace and so on. So it is with prosperity, happy relationships, success in business, creativity and anything else we are seeking to achieve.

A man called Dr. David Hawkins did a 29 year study that demonstrated the human body becomes stronger or weaker depending on a person’s mental and emotional state and he even created a scale of 1-1000 to map out the vibrational frequencies of human consciousness. 1000 being the frequency of pure Spirit. He found the higher the calibration of vibration and frequency the person had, the stronger the body was.

This understanding of frequency and vibration is the whole basis of my work with sound healing and the therapeutic sessions that I do with the harp wherein I determine a person’s resonant tone and create music that matches their tone and frequency and will help shift their energies and frequencies into a more harmonious higher vibratory level for them.

When we vibrate at a high level, joy, health, abundance appears because vibration attracts more of a like vibration. Where we resonate on the vibrational scale is called our vibrational point of attraction. We attract that which we are. In order to change our circumstances, we must change our vibration and where we are on the vibrational scale. If you Transform Your Frequency, you can Transform Your Life. So how do we do this?

The Program

In my program, Transform Your Frequency, Transform Your LifeTM, I work with you one on one using a combination of sound and energy healing with life coaching and an incredible–and highly practical–energy management system that teaches you how to manage your own energy, plug into these higher frequencies and progressively shift and keep shifting your lower frequencies and limiting beliefs permanently so you can recreate and transform any area of your life and your business, literally “Transform Your Frequency, Transform Your Life.”

So whether you are seeking to overcome an illness and move towards vibrant health, create more prosperity, wealth and financial security, create greater success in your career or business (or make a career change that is aligned with your purpose) find out what your passion and purpose is, lose weight, magnetize love and a beautiful marriage, build healthy relationships and a happy family life, heal past wounds, traumas, or overcome emotional and mental patterns that are keeping you stuck in any way, or you are in service to others and would like to increase your ability to help people really breakthrough and make transformation, Transform Your Frequency, Transform Your Life healing and coaching sessions can assist you powerfully and profoundly!

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Cheryl Angela

Beautify, heal, empower & transform
all aspects of your life and business with the transcendent music, healing & coaching of Cheryl Angela

“I have been working with Cheryl in her coaching program for 4 months…. Instead of always having constant worry, fear and defeat, I have replaced them with indescribable health, happiness, joy and success. I have been able to find my ideal job, regain my health, have sustained energy, find true happiness and fun.

I have been transformed in ways that I couldn’t have done on my own, and the breakthrough has been an incredible journey….”

-Monique Barszcz,
see her entire story on the Testimonials page

Initial Coaching & Sound Session
You can begin your journey in transformation with an initial 90-minute consultation coaching session and sound session wherein Cheryl will determine your resonant tone and core frequency and bring you into harmony with your true vibrational blueprint and life theme – your “Song”


Please specify in your order optimal dates and times for your session.

skype logo Whenever it is not possible to have in-person sessions, private sessions via Skype have proven to be equally effective. Please contact Cheryl to arrange for a Skype session.

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Excerpt from Moon Shining on the Water, an original composition by Cheryl Angela
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